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Be Norilsk
The northernmost city in the world through the eyes of its inhabitants. Web-documentary in progress
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Map   Airport. Winter
Airport. Winter
Move to the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant
Путь вещей
Груз 200
Drag the panorama with the left mouse button to look around the location.
There are yellow square marks placed around all the objects. Press the yellow marks to play videos, interviews, and to see other information regarding these location.
Press the black arrow to travel to the next location.
After watching a video about how the people of Norilsk work you can find out more about their regular daily life styles, and learn more about Norilsk.

Norilsk Airport

92 days a year the wind speed in Norilsk exceeds 15 metres per second. On some days it reaches up to 40 metres per second. Planes stop flying at 7 mps. Non-flying weather can persist for several days.

The airport is the only convenient way to arrive to Norilsk and depart from it. There are no railway connections with the rest of the world, and maritime travel takes too long: a ship from Murmansk travels for a few days.

Since 2016, the airport will start accepting international flights, despite the fact that foreigners need a special permission from the authorities to enter the city.

Airport. Winter
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