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Be Norilsk
The northernmost city in the world through the eyes of its inhabitants. Web-documentary in progress
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Map   City Centrum
City center
Myth: Stalin's Monument
Besides the famous statue of Vladimir Lenin, wich till this day still remains in Norilsk, there were also a few statues of Iosif Stalin. After Stalin lost his cult of personality the statues were destroyed. The statue that was near the city stadium was knocked of off the monument and shattered into pieces. The statue that was located near the train station was knocked down and drowned in the river. The bronze bust of Stalin that stood in the management center of factories was supposably dismantled and buried underground at night on the territory of nickel plant. According to the city legend one of the new factories was build on top of buried statue.
Myth: Entire city under a glass dome
There is a myth that in the 80-s one of the Norilsk districts (Oganer) was decided to be sealed of in a glass cap: to create an individual climate and environment and to protect the district from the pollution of all the Norilsk plants. They wanted to create an isolated paradise in the arctic. But of course it's a legend. But it seems that the Norilsk architectures had a similar ideas to construct a design of kindergartens, schools, municipal buildings. The fotary was almost everywhere, winter gardens, and all the conditions to live in that environment without the need of going outside.
Produce some nickel
Норильск строился вокруг комбината, планировался, подчиняясь логике производства. Чтобы понять, как устроен Норильск, нужно понять, как руда превращается в металл. Чтобы узнать, как это происходит, начните “Путь руды” - квест по городским локациям, последовательно показывающий процесс переработки руды: добыча, обогащение, изготовление никеля, изготовление меди.
Myth: The city with no trees
People say that trees in Norilsk don't grow because of bad ecology. But realy trees don't survive due to the conditions of arctica and it's constent strong freezing winds. But in the more southern districts of Norilsk were it's warmer and the ground is firm in soil and able to grow trees. For example in Talnakh, trees grow there.
Посмотреть на Норильск с воздуха
80-летие Комбината
Самый главный праздник Норильска
Концерт Димы Билана
Награждение представителей трудовых коллективов
Праздник на озере Долгое
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After watching a video about how the people of Norilsk work you can find out more about their regular daily life styles, and learn more about Norilsk.


Norilsk was built around the industrial complex, it was planned according to the logic of production. To understand Norilsk, one needs to understand how ore is converted into metal. To find it out, one can follow "The Ore Way", the quest through urban locations, consistently showing the processing of the ore: extraction, refining, nickel production, and copper manufacturing.

Въезд в Норильск
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