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Be Norilsk
The northernmost city in the world through the eyes of its inhabitants. Web-documentary in progress
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Characters of past
Characters of present
Nikolay Urvantsev
Head of geological expeditions in Norilsk 1919-1935 period.
Vladimir Matveev
Director of the Nickel plant at 1935-1938 period.
Avraamiy Zavenyagin
Director of the Nickel plant at 1938-1941 period.
Vitold Nepokoychitskiy
Norilsk architect.
Lev Gumilev
Soviet historian, ethnologist, anthropologist, prisoner of Norillag
Georgiy Zhzhenov
Soviet actor and writer, Norilsk theater actor in 1949-1953, prisoner of Norillag.
Inokentiy Smoktunovskiy
Norilsk theater actor 1946-1951.
Boris Kolesnikov
Director of the Nickel plant at 1973-1988 period.
Vladimir Vsesvyatskiy
Head of supply service in Norilsk.
Ольга Лукашевич
Руководитель опытного металлургического цеха
Ефросинья Керсновская
Заключенная Норильлага 1944-1952
Лидия Смирнова
Выпускница школы ФЗО
Ilya Ambrosov
Famous Norilsk musician, leader of the rock band "Tochka".
Hereditary worker. Works on the "Nadezhda" factory.
Hereditary worker. He lives here already 25 years.
San Sanich
All life he works on the "Nadezhda" factory.
Vladimir Dolgikh
Director of the Nickel plant at 1962-1969 period.
Viktor Ivanovich
Foreman of a luggage service at the Norilsk airport.
Engineer at the Norilsk enriching plant.
Senior electrician at the copper plant.
Казбек Каргинов
Один из главных создателей Талнаха
Senior bomb-disposal expert in a "Bear creek" quarry.
The driver of an excavator at the "Bear creek" quarry.
Bomb-disposal expert at the "Bear creek" quarry.
Plumber at the Nickel factory. A young father.
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